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In October, I would have liked to spend more one on one time with each of you who came in Hallowville during the season. But, it is busy for me and my goblins and I sometimes feel like we didn’t do a good enough job with each of you.

But to my surprise, I did receive this note on the site and it really made my day. It made me smile and realize that I did do something that did help one of my customers. (Far more than I thought)

This is what she wrote to me:

Dear Tanya,
Thank you for the excellent service you provided me when I was shopping for my Halloween costume. Being a plus sized person I am often frustrated when shopping for any kind of clothes, but not in your store. The variety and selection that you offer is amazing all on its own! I am very thankful to have been able to actually try on the costumes and get your feedback.
It was so much fun shopping in your store! Your dedication to your customers has made a loyal one of me. I highly recommend your store to everyone I know.

I’m in the newspaper!

Me in the paper

This week there was an article about my cartoon book, “Aldor Acres, A day on the farm”, in the paper. It gives me great pleasure to share my story .

Roxanne from The Langley Times has interviewed me twice since I have opened Hallowville Manor.  A lot of people know about the farm and it’s famous animals.

Ivan and I, have lived on the farm for 12 years. The animals are very special . . . Read More

Aldor Acres Cartoon Book


Hey guys – I have some great news for you all Aldor Acres fans.

A while back I set out to write a kids book about my life on a farm, and it’s finally here for you to take it home with you today.

This has been a project that I got to work on in my spare time (which I have very little of), so it took nearly a decade to finish (yup, you read that . . . Read More

Birth of a Piglet at the Pumpkin Patch


Yesterday I caught a birth of a litter of baby pigs on videos while at the Aldor Acres Pumpkin Patch farm. They are soo cute when they are young, don’t you just want to hold them (after they are cleaned, of course). Watch Melissa Anderson as she helps the Mama Pig with the birth and swiftly cleans the piglets. . . . Read More

Halloween Is Near


Did you know how farmers make those huge pumpkins? Turns out it’s not hormones after all – they have an ace up their sleeve . . . Read More

Oct fundraiser at the casades casino

This will be my second year helping out the Lodge to raise money for a good cause.

Many people forget about the old folks who live in town and I want to help them out! (One day I will be one too)

This party is a good chance to dress up and do something fun.


Langley lodge is putting together a bash that will be held Oct 12, 2012, at the Cascades Casino

The party is 1940′s New York . . . Read More