Why Do You Have to Hire a Good DUI Lawyer?

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There are a lot of reasons that can be listed if you want to know why it is important to hire a great Tampa DUI lawyers, most especially if you’ve been detained for driving while on drugs, drunk driving, or basically drinking under the influence. Here are four of the major reasons to think about:

DUI lawyers are skilled when it comes to plea bargain down the charges

In other cases, when you cannot defend yourself against the charges of DUI that you have now, a professional DUI lawyer can take advantage of their professional negotiation skills to assist you in getting off with a reduced penalty or sentence. Also, you can plead down the charger, which you’re in, to a more reduced charge compared to drunk driving, like reckless driving charge. Moreover, you can enter into a first-time offender or a diversion program that enables you to prevent criminal records. A skilled DUI attorney already knows about such programs in advance that can surely help you.

DUI involves tons of science behind

The majority of the greatest DUI defenses rely on things such as a rising BAC defense or fault tests of Breathalyzer. Not all lawyers know the science behind DUI nor every lawyer has dealings with skilled witnesses who can greatly assist you in your case. A good DUI lawyer has both the connections and knowledge that takes to understand the science of DUI better and to utilize the science to your advantage.

There are both criminal and administrative consequences to DUI cases

If you are under arrest for DUI, not only you’ll have to deal with the courts but the DMV as well. Only a professional and experienced DUI lawyer who handles DUI cases on a regular basis does have the required knowledge to help you cope with the Department of Motor Vehicles and, hopefully, to persuade them that you have to have your license retained for at least restricted purposes.

A DUI has severe consequences and penalties

Once you get charged with a DUI case, you can actually head to jail regardless if it’s your first-time offense. Aside from that, you will be required to pay for a fine and get your driver’s license confiscated for a particular amount of time during your DUI case. Such penalties can greatly affect your life. Moreover, your insurance company will most likely drop you and/or you will be required to obtain really costly high-risk car insurance as soon as you’re permitted to drive again. The greatest means of reducing such penalties or completely prevent them in the first place is to reach out to a trusted DUI lawyer who will help you understand how you can plea bargaining to reduce charges or how you can defend yourself.

These are only some of the several reasons why you need to hire a good lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. If you want to hire one, let us know right away.

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